What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko

Having started last year, the ‘Moonlight Flower Gallery’ is soon to be held for the second time. Following on from last year’s “Moonlight Flower Gallery: The Prologue”, this year we welcome you to “Chapter 1”, carefully planned out with a variety of features to ensure an even more enjoyable event than before!

This year, the event has grown and will be held across 2 locations: Kinugawa Hot Spring and Kawaji Hot Spring!
Bathed in the glow of paper lanterns and picture lanterns of every kind, the interiors of the event venues take on a magical atmosphere.

Kinugawa Park and the surrounding area will form the main venue, and wealth of enjoyable events are to be held!
These include the “Starry Sky Concert”, which features musical instruments that harmonize with the natural backdrop and the moonlight, and the sale of specialty dishes unique to the region. Enjoy the moonlight and long autumn evenings to the very fullest with the service of refreshing green tea while you gaze up the moon above. What’s more, fortunate visitors may have the chance to meet the “Moon Princess”, draped in a magnificent kimono. Be sure to take a commemorative photo!

After enjoying a stroll around Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Springs Town in the afternoon, indoor bath and footbath services are available within hotels and ryokans. In the lobbies and entrances of hotels and ryokans, guests are welcomed with a splash of color in the form of flower arrangements in a wealth of different styles. In order to allow you to enjoy walking around the town, some hotels and ryokans also offer a special breakfast-only plan that excludes evening meals!
Outside Kinugawa onsen Station, the event period is celebrated with traditional orchestra and dance performances, and visitors are greeted by the region’s local mascot.

Surrounded by mother nature in all her splendor, this Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot springs area is filled with little-known wonders. Don’t miss this chance to visit Kinugawa and Kawaji and experience for yourself the warmth of its people, as well as its illuminations!

Date and time September 24 (Fri) – October 3 (Sun) 2010
Lighting up period 18:00 - 21:30
Place Kinugawa Hot Spring (Kinugawa Park, Boshin Kaido Road, others), Kawaji Hot Spring (Kawaji Fureai Park, others)
Fee Free (admission fee/participation fee) Inquiries Moonlight Flower Gallery Executive Committee (Tourism Association of Kinugawa-Kawaji Hotspring) TEL 0288-77-2052 (Japanese Only)