What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko

Seasonal Excursion Information Summer 2014

Recommended Spots for Your Refreshment in Summer

For your summer recreation, place yourself in the magnificent and beautiful scenery that nature creates at Kinugawa - kawaji hot spring! The resort offers many recreational activities to you, such as a tour of beauty sports on the gorge where cool breeze blows; water sport activities including canoeing, kayaking, rafting and canyoning; and a river boat tour which is the most popular recreation among the travelers to the resort. Everyone including kids and beginners can choose the most suitable recreation for him or her and experience attractiveness of the nature. And the fun is not over yet; after you enjoyed the outdoor activities in full, soak yourself in the high-quality hot spring to heal your fatigue.

    ①Nijiminotaki Falls on Ryuokyo Gorge

    One of the best scenic spots on the Ryuokyo gorge. Enjoy the refreshing feeling by watching the falls from the side.

    Nijiminotaki Falls on Ryuokyo Gorge

      ②Taikooroshinotaki Falls

      It is said that Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a legendary leader of warriors, visited this fall on his way to the Tohoku region for governance.

      Taikooroshinotaki Falls

        ③Shirataki Falls

        Falls located on the side of the Nichien-Momiji Line with a fall of about 15m. There is a rest area nearby.

        Shirataki Falls

          ④Kirifurinotaki Falls

          Falls on the mountain side with a total length of about 75m. The falls are within a about 40-minute drive of Kinugawa hot spring.

          Kirifurinotaki Falls


            Huge rocks scattered on the river banks present unique scenery. The rocks are made of lava erupted from Mt. Nantaisan.


              ⑥Urami Falls

              Falls with a height of about 45m. The falls is famous as a place where Matsuo Basho stopped by to compose haikus.

              Urami Falls

                ⑦Kegon Falls

                The great falls provide magnificent scenery that water flown from Lake Chuzenji falls at full speed on the vertical wall of 97m high.

                Kegon Falls

                  ⑧Italian Embassy House Memorial Park

                  The park is located on the site where a vacation house of the Italian ambassador was. History lingers in the environment harmonized with beautiful nature.

                  Italian Embassy House Memorial Park

                    ⑨Yudaki Falls

                    Fall located on the south side of Yunoko Lake with a fall of 70m. There is an observation deck near the falls.

                    Yudaki Falls

                      Water Activities for Refreshment in Summer

                      Kinugawa River Boat Tour

                      Enjoy the tour to float down the river on a boat that a boatman handles masterly with a wooden oar. The tourists can enjoy beautiful scenery created by nature on the Kinugawa ravine.

                      • Until the end of early November
                      • Adults: 2,700 yen, Children: 1,200 yen
                      • Kinugawa River Boat Tour
                      • Kinugawa River Boat Tour TEL: 0288-77-0531


                      A tour to go down a mountain stream on a rubber rafting. Join your forces together on the rubber rafting to go up and down in the stream or just to float on the water. As the rafting is safe, even a beginner can participate at ease.

                      • Until the end of early November
                      • Tochigi Kayak Center
                      • Tochigi Kayak Center TEL: 0288-77-2030 (090-7566-6082 at night)
                        NAOC TEL: 0288-70-1181 (090-6497-9888 at night)
                        e-rafting TEL: 0288-77-4802 (090-6518-9647 at night)

                      Stand-up Paddle Boat Experience

                      A new-style water sport firstly introduced in the prefecture. By standing up on the board and using paddles, you can control the direction and speed of the boat. Because guide staff provides kind and careful guidance, even a beginner can enjoy the boat at ease.

                      • Until the end of September 30 (Tue)
                      • 10:00, 13:00
                      • 5,500yen
                      • Nature Planet
                      • Nature Planet TEL: 0288-78-1177

                      Get Excited at Japanese Traditional Festivals and Fireworks!

                      During the Japanese bon (festival of the dead) holidays to pray for the repose of souls,Kinugawa - kawaji hot spring holds various summer festivals. Experience the custom rooted in each area to learn Japanese culture pleasantly.

                        Ryuou Festival

                        One of the biggest summer event in Kinugawa - kawaji hot spring. The resort is surrounded by the festival music and mikoshi (portable shrine) carried only by females marches on the streets. You would feel that the excitement of the festival overwhelms heat of summer.

                        Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring Summer Festival

                        While watching fireworks on the night sky and town lights of the resort, you can experience Japanese unique festival dance to pray for the repose of souls in the bon (festival of the dead) holidays.

                        Summer Firework Display in Kinuagwa Hot Spring Resort

                        Firework display is indispensable for summer in Kinugawa Hot Spring Resort. The event is held every Friday and Saturday in August and lends colors to night sky with various types of fireworks including famous rapid fire fireworks.

                        • Every Friday and Saturday in August
                        • Kinugawa Hot Spring
                        • Nikko City Tourism Association TEL: 0288-22-1525

                        Night-on-Bridge Festival at Fureaibashi Bridge in Kinugawa Hot Spring

                        A beer garden opens on Fureaibashi Bridge in Kinugawa Hot Spring. Various events, and sales of foods and beverages through street stalls are scheduled depending on the date.

                        Moonlight Flower Gallery Chapter 5

                        In early fall, visitors are welcomed with beautiful flowers and leaves, fascinating night lights and warm hospitality of local people at Kinugawa - kawaji hot spring. Enjoy various events, tasty food and a sky full of stars.

                        • Septembe 6 (Sat) - September 15 (Mon)
                        • Kinugawa Park
                          Kawaji Fureai Park
                        • Moonlight Flower Gallery Executive committee
                          TEL:0288-22-1525 (Nikko City Tourism Association )

                        Use a Free Pass and Travel around Nikko/Kinugawa area in an Economical Way!

                        Do you know the discount pass available only for travelers from the other countries? Various tickets that you can get in or off trains or buses freely are available now.

                        JR Kanto Area Pass

                        The convenient and discount tickets allow travelers to use all the trains of JR East and Tokyo Monorail in the Kanto region, including Shinkansen bullet trains and limited express trains, for three days with no limit.

                        • Three consecutive days
                        • Adults: 8,300 yen, Children: 4,200 yen

                        2 DAY NIKKO PASS

                        The holders of the pass can get in or off the trains at any stations between Asakusa station and Shimoimaichi, as well as the busses to tour around the world heritages in the Nikko area, for two day, so that the holders can enjoy the tour to the world heritages in an economical way.

                        • valid for 2 days
                        • Adults: 2,670 yen, Children: 1,340 yen

                        KINUGAWA THEME PARK PASS

                        A package of tickets including a return ticket from Asakusa and admission tickets to Tobu World Square and EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura. In addition, the ticket holders can get in or off the circular-route busses to cover the above two facilities.

                        • valid for 2 days
                        • Adults: 7,380 yen, Children: 3,690 yen (including admission tickets to Tobu World Square and Nikko Edomura)

                        ALL NIKKO PASS

                        A pass that allows its holders to use transportation services covering the Nikko/Kinugawa area for free. With this pass, the holders can visit the world heritages, scenic spots and hot springs in the Nikko area with no limit.

                        • valid for 4 days
                        • Adults:4,520 yen, Children: 2,280 yen