What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko

Seasonal excursion information Winter 2013

Experience the rare pleasure of winter! Big events awaits you at the Nikko area.

The Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort offers various events throughout the year. This winter is not an exception; the resort offers a variety of unique events that will take place across the city of Nikko, such as illumination to produce fantastic scenery of ice and snow, an event to experience the Japanese child's play in the New Year Holidays and performance of Japanese traditional arts to bring in good fortune. As there will also be opportunities for visitors to savor the local foods or win presents, all kids and adults no doubt can spend a wonderful and jolly day in the resort. Among all the joyful events, what is most notable may be the scenery in the nights, because a myriad of little kamakuras (snow huts in which children play house) illuminate the town, lending a poetic charm to winter in the town. So, how can you miss the events? Stay in one of the hot spring inns or hotels in the Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort, and make some great memories for you and your family!

*Schedule/contents, etc. for events are subject to change. Please check the information before your visit.

Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association Tel:0288-77-2052

Tourist Association
Tel: 0288-77-2052

The 7th New Year Festival

The New Year holidays will be celebrated in a joyful manner by offering Japanese tradition new year holiday experiment with spinning-tops and a make-a-face game, as well as opening of refreshment booths. At Fujihara Sogo Bunka Kaikan(Fujihara Grand Cultural Hall) located in front of Kinugawa Onsen Station, special performance featuring human interest plays and Japanese popular songs will take place.

February 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 11(Mon)
10:00 - 15:00
The square in front of Kinugawa-onsen Station
Special Performance "The Tomio Umezawa Show"
February 9 (Sat): 13:00 -,18:00 -, 10 (Sun): 10:00 -,15:00-

Tourist Association
Tel: 0288-77-2052

The 13th Oni Festival

"Lucky Bags" containing lucky coins and snacks are thrown from stages of the shrine to the visitors. In addition, dishes using the local cooking ingredients will be served to the first 500 visitors for free.

February 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun)
10:00 - 12:00
The square in front of Kinugawa-onsen Station

Association of Ryokans
Tel: 0288-77-1039

Kinu-Hime (Princess Kinu) Festival

Japanese traditional custom to wish the happiness and well-being of girls. All the participating facilities display hina dolls and offer heartwarming hospitality to all girls and ladies.

February 1 (Fri) - March 31 (Sun)

InquiriesNikko Spa Organization
Tel: 0288-54-3126

2013 Okunikko Snow Festival

At the Snow Fantasia event, ice sculptures are illuminated, and about 1,000 of yukiakari or snow decorating lights in mini kamakuras (snow huts) bring a fantastic atmosphere to the town.

Snow Fantasia

Opening Ceremony on January 19 (Sat)
Winter Firework Display on Yunoko Lakeside

January 19 (Sat), February 2 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 16 (Sat)

February 1 (Fri) - 28 (Thu)
17:00 - 21:00

Yunishigawa Kamakura Festival

Mini kamakuras (show huts) that contain light of candles inside are placed across the town to produce the fantastic scenery of snow. Free-of-charge shuttle buses will be operated from the Kawaji hot spring resort.

January 26 (Sat) - March 17 (Sun)
Mini Kamakura Light-up
at Banks of Sawaguchigawa River on every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Monday in January and February, and every Saturday and Sunday in March
at Heike Shuraku on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday in Junuary and Feburary
9:00 - 21:00 (Mini Kamakura Light-up: 17:30 - 21:00)
Banks of Sawaguchigawa River (Main Venue)
Shuttle buses will be operated from the Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort from February 1 (Fri) to 28 (Thu),
departing from the Kawaji Fureai Park at 19:30 and returning to Kawaji Hot Spring Resort at around 22:00.
* Please take note that the buses are available only for hotel guests of the resort.
InquiriesYunishigawa Kawamata Okukinuonsen Tourism Association Tel: 0288-97-1126

Nikko Candle Pageant Illumination

Several thousands of candles illuminate jizos (guardian deity of children) and parks located on the banks (Kanmangafuchi) of Daiyagawa river that runs through the city of Nikko.

February 8 (Sat) - 12 (Tue)
Kanmangafuchi and its Peripheral Area
InquiriesNikko Spa Organization Tel: 0288-54-3126

Hot Citron Bath Campaign

During the campaign period, Yuzus (aromatic Asian citrons) are put into all the bathes in the member hotels and inns of the Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association. Only vitamin-rich Tochigi-produced citrons are used for the campaign to maximize the effect for blood circulation promotion and beautiful skin production. Don't miss the opportunity of soaking into the hot citron bath.

December 21 (Fri), 22 (Sat)
Bathes in Member Hotels and Inns of Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association

Unique and original products that are best fit for your travel souvenirs!

Buying souvenirs for your family and friends are one of the joys in travel. The Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort offers a lot of great souvenirs focusing on ingredients or manufacturing process unique to the region, such as famous confection or Japanese sake rooted in the area, and face lotion prepared by hot spring water to retain skin moisture longer even in winter. Of cause, you can even look for the souvenirs for yourself, too!

* The souvenirs introduced here are just some examples, not all the souvenirs that the Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort can offer. Enjoy shopping and dig out your own favorites.

Onsen Manju

There are various types of onsen manju (a bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste) in different colors and sizes. Why don't you try and compare them?

Onsen Manju Map pdf

Confectionery Store, Souvenir Shops, Hotels and Inns in the Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort.
Kinunoseiryu, a Famous Confection

Japanese-style cookies with sandwiched moderately sweet azuki bean paste.

Torahiko Seika
Tel: 0120-16-8300
Karinto Manju

Manjus in excellent combination of sweet smelling crispy buns and highest-quality "an" (bean jam filing).

Manju-Dokoro Ooami
Tel: 0288-77-0133
Furusato No Akebi

Japanese sweets with choux pastry wrapping and slightly sweet azuki bean paste filling.

Furusato No Akebi
Tel: 0288-50-2630

Hand-made cheese cakes using selected high-quality cheese and fresh eggs produced in the region.

Kinugawa Okashi No Shiro
Tel: 0288-76-2255
Rock Baum

Baumkuchen using fresh and high-quality ingredients such as eggs produced in the region.

Baumkuchen Kobo Hachiya
Tel: 0288-77-1453
Teyaki Kinugawa Senbei

Soy-sauce flavor senbeis (rice crackers) that are made from Tochigi-produced rice and are grilled one by one with hands carefully.

Sakai Beika
Tel: 0288-77-0506
Nikko Agesen "Hinode"

Age senbeis (fried rice crackers) cooked by a unique manufacturing method using domestically-produced rice.

Meisui No Sato Nikko Okaki Kobo
Tel: 0288-31-1147
Onsen Kinuta Yaki

Original pastries with two types of filling, sweet azuki bean paste or Tochigi-produced strawberry paste.

Mochikaeridokoro Kinutachaya
Tel: 0288-25-3873
Nikko Strawberry

Home grown "Tochiotome" strawberry in excellent balance of sweetness and sour taste. Visitors can enjoy strawberry picking from the middle of December.

Nikko Strawberry Park
Tel: 0288-22-0615
Onsen Beer and Kinugawa Cider

Classic beer brewed by using hot spring water and cider using strawberries and apples produced in the region.

Noboruya Honten
Tel: 0288-77-0305
Brown Swiss Milk

Milk of a rare breed of cows that are characterized by high density of milk constituent, rich essence and slight sweetness.

Nikko Kirifuri-kogen Heights O-zasa Ranch
Tel: 0288-97-1116
Junmai Ginjo "Nikko Homare"

Japanese sake using only Nikko-produce rice and prepared by local famous mineral water and yeast.

Watanabe Sahei Shoten
Tel: 0288-21-0007
Genshu "Kashiwa Sakari"

Japanese Sake produced by an established Sake brewery with more than 130 year history and prepared with water beneath the Nikko mountain range.

Katayama Shuzo
Tel: 0288-21-0039
Kawaji No Kocha

Original tea leaves produced by adding green tea to Darjiling, base tea, containing three types of flower petals: corn flowers, rose pink and jasmine.

Kawaji Onsen "Mizu No Furusato" Ikiiki Hakken Suishin Kyougikai Jimukyoku
Tel: 0288-78-1177
Nikko Robata Zuke

Pickled vegetables produced by pickling domestically produced vegetables with tamari soy sauce (rich soy sauce). Free from preservatives and artificial coloring.

Nikko Robata Zuke Kinugawa-ten
Tel: 0120-16-8300
Kawaji-Onsen Mist

Additive-free face lotion prepared by only the source of the Kawaji hot spring, and with its low alkaline level to be kind to skin.

Kawaji-Onsen Hotels and Inns Organization
Tel: 0288-78-1177
Original Geta

Getas (wooden clogs) made from birch trees that have beautiful grains. There are a variety of thongs to support legs for use by a wide range of ages including elder people and children.

Yamakoshi Mokkoubou
Tel: 0288-77-1368
Kinu-chan / Kawa-chan Strap

Mobile phone straps featuring the characters of the Kinugawa-Kawaji hot spring resort.

Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Information Center
Tel: 0288-77-2052

VISIT JAPAN YEAR 2013 event to be held at Kinugawa-Kawaji!

"VISIT JAPAN YEAR 2013", a major winter event specially planned for our foreign tourists is to be held at Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring. There is a whole lot of special discounts for our visitors from abroad such as special New Year food served at ryokans and hotels, free admission to leisure facilities, and much, much more! Below is a list of the main services.

Days of free admission to our popular theme parks:
Tobu World Square: February 11 (Mon), 13 (Wed), 2013
EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura: February 12 (Tue), 14 (Thu), 2013
Tourist Information Desk for foreigners established

Information Desk offers sightseeing tips in English and Chinese. You can also get your free tickets for buses going to your hotel, ryokan or tourist facilities. The desk also provides a lot of information such as on cost-free hot springs.

February 8 (Fri) to 14 (Thu), 2013
Inside Kinugawa-onsen Station
There are also a number of other advantages: special New Year food served at ryokans and hotels, free admission to spas, and discounted entrance fees for a number of tourist facilities.
February 8 (Fri) to 28 (Thu), 2013

* Please confirm the contents of activities and prices published prior to your visit since they are subject to change.