What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko

Seasonal excursion information Spring 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree Town finally opens!
Let's visit the Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring filled with cherry blossoms on the SPACIA Special Express!

Cherry blossom season is coming to Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring. Come see us on the new SPACIA Special Express in the spring of 2012!
On May 22, 2012, Tokyo Sky Tree Town will open with the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower (634m). To meet this grand opening, SPACIA Special Express, which connects Tokyo and Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring in 2 hours, has also been refurbished. This will further deepen the ties between Tokyo and the Nikko-Kinugawa area.

For example, you can plan trips such as flying to Haneda, stopping by the Sky Tree Town, and going for a trip in Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring on the new SPACIA Special Express.
One step out of the noise of the city, the dynamic nature and high quality hot springs await you... At Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring, you can enjoy the gorgeous and beautiful scenery with the full blossoming of dogtooth violets and azaleas starting in the beginning of April and Someiyoshino cherries and moss phlox starting in the middle of April. We very much look forward to seeing you here in the upcoming beautiful season.

* Private entry to the Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck will be fully on a reservation basis from May 22 through July 10, 2012. Please specify the date.

Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association Tel:0288-77-2052

What's special about the new SPACIA Special Express?

The biggest feature of the refurbishment is the design on the sides of the cars. Along with the cars with the ever popular "sunny coral orange", new cars recreating the nature of Nikko-Kinugawa and images of "iki" and "miyabi", which are the lighting designs of Tokyo Sky Tree, have been introduced. Standard seats have also been refurbished, as has wallpaper for compartment rooms.

鬼怒川、川治温泉  赏花的好时节 PDF


Take a break in footbaths in the Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring along your cherry blossom tour!

There are several footbaths located in the Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring with different atmospheres, some of which are free. Take a break when your feet get tired from your cherry blossom tour. Refresh yourself in these footbaths to promote blood circulation in your legs to rid your feet of swelling and fatigue.


Located next to the Kurogane Bridge, which is approximately 1km north of Kinugawa-onsen Station.



Located in the square in front of Kinugawa-onsen Station in the center of Kinugawa Hot Spring.


Ashiyu Café

Located in the café inside of Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa.

7:30-17:00 (*Please inquire)
Free (drink order is required)

Kinugawa plaza Hotel Horeki

It is a rest space located in the entrance hall overlooking the spa town. A big ball is the landmark.

*Please inquire

Heal yourself with the power of nature at popular "power spots" in the Nikko area!

Do you know that the Nikko area, which has beautiful scenery and historic sites, also has a number of "power spots" where you can experience a great healing effect with the power of nature?

Some of these power spots include the world heritage site and Nikko's shrine/temple, Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Iemitsu-byo Taiyuin Temple. This is the grave for the Tokugawa family, which was largely influenced by Onmyodo (The Way of Yin and Yang) and feng shui and is renowned for being one of the most intense power spots in Japan. We also recommend Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls, which are among the most popular sightseeing destinations to represent Nikko. Why don't you feel the power of nature and heal yourself while surrounded by dramatic scenery and an abundance of negative ions.

Kinutateiwa is close to Kinugawa Hot Spring and is also a popular spot where many visitors come every day. The river flow represents a female figure and the Tateiwa rock in the valley represents a male figure. This is renowned as a place to bring couples together with the Kinu-Tateiwa Long Suspention Bridge as the bridge of romance, and which connects the river and the rock.

Regarding the impact from the nuclear power plant accident due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the safety in the area has been confirmed by Nikko City through voluntary inspections for radioactive materials, etc. Visitor of all ages can safely enjoy the nature of Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring.

Click here for information on radioactive substances by Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO).

Click here for information on radioactive substances in Nikko City.

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Nikko Toshogu Shrine
Lake Chuzenji

Map of "power spots" to feel the power of nature


Choose your favorite plan and enjoy visiting the great sites in a sightseeing taxi!

We offer convenient and valuable sightseeing taxi plans for the Nikko-Kinugawa area for visitors staying at Kinugawa Hot Spring.
We offer a wide variety of plans, including short 2-3 hour courses in which you can visit Nikko Toshogu Shrine (a world heritage site) and Ochijuku, which still has the atmosphere of the Edo Period, etc., as well as half-day courses that will allow you to take your time visiting great sites.

All courses leave from and come back to Kinugawa Hot Spring. You can not only enjoy these plans at discount prices but also productively spend the few hours before or after check-in with sightseeing.
Furthermore, you can start the courses from the taxi pool in front of the Kinugawa-onsen Station or from your hotel, so it is extra convenient! Please make the reservation with the front desk of your hotel if you wish to start your course from your hotel.
We recommend that you bring an interpreter-guide for sightseeing to make the most of your trip. You can also arrange one yourself to accompany you.

2-3 hour short course

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

For history lovers! Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a world heritage site.


Kinu-Tateiwa Long
Suspention Bridge

Get your happiness with the power to bring couples together! "Power spot" for love and romance.


Kegon Falls

Heal yourself with great views and nature! Kegon Falls, one of Japan's three great falls.


A half-day course of 4-5 hours

Chuzenji Tachiki Kannon

All the special highlights! Course to visit great sites of the Nikko area.



Time travel to the Edo Period! Visit the post town that is still filled with the atmosphere of good old Japan.


*Facility fees and meals are excluded. Courses are subject to cancellation in case roads are blocked due to heavy snow.
*You will find some people in personal vehicles (with white license plates) soliciting to take you sightseeing around the station. Please be sure to exercise caution, as this could lead to trouble.
*Please note that queries for taxi companies are available in Japanese only.

Kinugawa Taxi Tel:0288-77-0033
Nikko Kotsu Tel:0288-54-1188
Kawaji Kanko Taxi Tel:0288-78-0240