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Seasonal excursion information Autumn 2012

Enjoy Scarlet Maple Leaves Viewing on Your Own Style at Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring

Kinugawa Valley

Autumn leaves viewing has been one of the most popular outdoor amusement for Japanese through the ages. Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring usually has the best season for autumn leaves viewing from early part of October to late November. As the season advanced, leaves of various trees such as maples and Mongolian oaks change their colors. The contrast of leaves' green, red and yellow colors covering the mountains is just spectacular!

There are many good points for autumn leaves viewing across Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring. So you can have the pleasure on your own way: for example, you can join the Kinugawa river boat tour and see the leaves on the valley on the boat that threads its way through the breathtaking natural beauty; or you can hop in a gondola lift climbing up to the mountain top at 1,600 meters elevation and see the great panorama of autumn leaves. In addition, you can drive the car on the "Nichien Momiji Line "known as one of the best route to enjoy the autumn scenery and experience the treat only this highway and this season can offer. Or, if you are a active kind of person who likes to get outdoors, why don't you trek the about 4km route (one way) leading to the primeval forest at the foot of Mt. Ogatake and see the autumn scenery spreading before your eyes while drying your sweat in comfort.
In the Autumn at Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring, you can find your own style to feel transition of seasons in Japan.

Kinugawa River Boat Tour

Until Late November
9:00, 9:35, 10:10, 10:45, 11:20, 11:55,
12:50, 13:25, 14:00, 14:35, 15:10, 15:45
Adult: 2,500 yen, Child: 1,100 yen (Group Discount Available)
InquiriesKinugawa River Boat Tour TEL:0288-77-0531

Hunter Mountain Gondolas in Scenery of Autumn Leaves

October 6 (Sat) - November 11 (Sun)
Adult: 1,500 yen, Child: 1,000 yen (Round Trip by Ropeway)
InquiriesHunter Mountain Shiobara TEL:0287-32-4580

Kinugawa Autumn Trekking

October 1 (Mon) - October 31 (Wed)
8,000 yen (Exclusive of Insurance Fee 500 yen)
InquiriesNAOC Rafting TEL:0288-70-1181
Kinutateiwa Long Suspension Bridge
Ryuou Valley
Nichien Momiji Line

Map of the season and good points for autumn leaves viewing around Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring

* The season for autumn leaves viewing may slide depending on some factors such as weather. We recommend to check the condition in advance.

Feel refreshed in body and spirit with hot spring and scenery in autumn leaves!

After a day of sight seeing, feel refreshed in body and spirit in the hot spring bath of the hotel or ryokan you stay. We recommend to stay at one of hotels or ryokans located along the Kinugawa ravine, because these facilities have outdoor hot-spring bathes that you can enjoy the scenery of the ravine and autumn leaves while dipping in the bath.

Relish the Autumn of Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring with Savory Dishes!

Season of Autumn offers us a variety of harvests. Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring awaits visitors with ample and delicious gradients that can be savored just in this place and in this season, such as "Kuri Okowa Manju," delicately sweet steamed yeast buns filled with sekihan (glutinous rice boiled with red beans) with a chestnut on the top, or "Age Manju," excellent combination of sweet smelling crispy buns and highest-quality "an" (bean jam filing).

Major tourist facilities in and around Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring also entertain tourist with their own original dishes such as "Menchi Katsu" fried cakes of minced meat of Nikko-original Himitsu-buta pork, pizza baked section by section on a tunnel-shaped stone oven with lily bulbs on the top, or house-made cheese cakes. Why don't you try these specialties on your way in sight seeing or strolling around the hot spring resort?

Event Information in Autumn

The Nikko area including Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring resort holds many events to celebrate seasonal transition to Autumn in October and November. What are most notable events among them are "Kawaji hot spring Autumn Leaves Festival" that entertains you with collaboration of fireworks and autumn leaves in the moon light, and illumination of the world-heritage two shrines and one temple in Nikko to create fantastic atmosphere that is different from the one in daytime. The resort welcomes you with a lot of events that are held only in Autumn! Visit the resort with your family or friends and have truly unforgettable time.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Autumn Grand Festival
Hyakumonozoroe-Sennin-Mushagyouretu (Procession of one thousand samurais in formal costume) is breathtaking.
October 16 (Tue), 17 (Wed)
World-Heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine
Nikko Toshogu Shrine


Light-up Nikko 2012
The world heritages in the area such as the Five-storied Pagoda is illuminated fantastically.
November 1 (Thu) - 3 (Sat)
The world heritages two shrines and one temple in Nikko
Executive Committee for Light-up Nikko
Kawaji hot spring Autumn Leaves Festival
In addition to shops of local specialties and collaboration of autumn leaves and fireworks, flight experience on a helicopter to see the autumn leaves from the sky is scheduled.
November 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun)
Kawaji Fureai Park
(Helicopter Platform: School Yard of Former Kawaji Elementary and Junior High School)
Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association
Nikko Soba Festival 2012
Soba noodle restaurants all over Japan gather at this event to offer their originalities.
November 23 (Fri) - 26 (Mon)
Nikko Daiyagawa Park Auto-Camp Site, Information Area, etc.
Executive Committee for Nikko Soba Festival
Illumination in Tobu World Square
Enjoy the fantastic world tour experience in the theme park.
November 10 (Sat) - March 3 (Sat), 2013
Tobu World Square
Tobu World Square

VISIT JAPAN YEAR 2013 event to be held at Kinugawa-Kawaji!

"VISIT JAPAN YEAR 2013", a major winter event specially planned for our foreign tourists is to be held at Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring. There is a whole lot of special discounts for our visitors from abroad such as special New Year food served at ryokans and hotels, free admission to leisure facilities, and much, much more! Below is a list of the main services.

Days of free admission to our popular theme parks:
Tobu World Square: February 11 (Mon), 13 (Wed), 2013
EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura: February 12 (Tue), 14 (Thu), 2013
Tourist Information Desk for foreigners established

Information Desk offers sightseeing tips in English and Chinese. You can also get your free tickets for buses going to your hotel, ryokan or tourist facilities. The desk also provides a lot of information such as on cost-free hot springs.

February 8 (Fri) to 14 (Thu), 2013
Inside Kinugawa-onsen Station
There are also a number of other advantages: special New Year food served at ryokans and hotels, free admission to spas, and discounted entrance fees for a number of tourist facilities.
February 8 (Fri) to 28 (Thu), 2013

* Please confirm the contents of activities and prices published prior to your visit since they are subject to change.