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Seasonal excursion information  Winter 2011

Savor cuisine made from locally produced ingredients during a stay in Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring!

Evening meals at Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring's ryokan and hotels offer you the opportunity to enjoy cuisine made from local produce such as freshwater fish, vegetables, edible wild plants, or wagyu beef from cattle reared amid the rich natural surroundings of the region.

There are also a variety of different ways to enjoy the same produce: each accommodation has ingenious culinary techniques for drawing out delicious flavors from ingredients, including the uniquely Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki (Japanese hot-pot dishes that feature thinly sliced meat), as well as rice cooked together with seasonal ingredients. Be sure to visit Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring this winter and enjoy some of these rare culinary gems that adhere meticulously to the use of local produce!

* Photographs are only a visual representation, and dishes may differ depending on the period of time. For details please inquire in advance.
*1 Prices displayed are prices for 1 person based on a stay of 1 night with 2 meals included for 2 people staying in 1 room (taxes included).
*2 Please make reservations in advance.
*3 Please make direct inquiries regarding prices.

Introduction to cuisine made from locally produced ingredients on offer at each ryokan

"Tochigi Foodstuffs": a treasure trove of nutrition
Tochigi's local specialties such as kanpyo (dried gourd) and yuba (a soybean-based dish) are rich in nutritive value, and are effective against high blood pressure, ageing, and other conditions.

Shuhokan Japanese-Style Room & Buffet Plan
2 people in 1 room 14,850 yen -
4 people in 1 room 12,600 yen -

TEL: 0288-77-1111

Shabu made from high-grade wagyu beef produced in Tochigi Prefecture
Shabu-shabu made from prefecturally produced Japanese beef which is ranked at A5-A4, the highest in the Japanese grading system.

88% Plan Offered in Gratitude for 88 Years of Establishment
usual price 18,000 yen → 15,858 yen
*1 *2

Yukemuri Magokoro no Yado Isshinkan
TEL: 0288-77-0008

Tochigi wagyu beef shabu-shabu
Diners can enjoy Tochigi wagyu beef shabu-shabu from the comfort of their rooms.

Tochigi Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Plan
9,450 yen -
*1 *2

Keiryu no Yado Ryokusui
TEL: 0288-77-4001

Rice with Tochigi's prized "chichitake" mushrooms
A rice dish that is cooked together with richly aromatic mushrooms with a refined flavor that are a local specialty of Tochigi.

Chichitake Plan
16,150 yen
*1 *2

Kinugawa Fudotaki
TEL: 0288-76-2008

"Beautifully Portioned Beautiful Flavors" that are gentle on the stomach
Carefully selected ingredients deliciously prepared in portions that are gentle on the diner's stomach.

Beautifully Portioned Beautiful Flavors Plan
25,150 yen -
*1 *2

Kinugawa-Onsen Sanraku
TEL: 0288-76-2211

Special kaiseki that makes abundant use of local Nikko-yuba
Healthy kaiseki-ryori (traditional Japanese haute cuisine) creations made with thick pieces of aromatic Nikko-yuba (a soybean-based dish).

14,850 yen -
*1 *2

Kinugawa Onsen Hotel
TEL: 0288-77-0300

"The Four Seasons of Kanaya", with cuisine as the star
Monthly changing Kanaya-style Kaiseki (simple tea-ceremony dishes) with one dish recommended by the head chef, created from carefully selected ingredients.

35,850 yen -
*1 *2

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel
TEL: 0288-76-0001

Also offering Tochigi's signature traditional local dish: "shimotsukare"
A buffet featuring dishes made from local ingredients such as shimotsukare (a dish made of simmered vegetables, soybeans, salmon and sake lees), as well as Nikko-yuba (a soybean-based dish), Kanuma konnyaku (a kind of savory jelly made from konjac).

*2 *3

Kinugawa Kanko Hotel
TEL: 0288-77-1101

Tochigi attaka-nabe
Nabe (Japanese hot-pot) made from Kanuma game fowl and local vegetables such as Hakubijin leeks, Nikko maitake mushrooms, and Kanuma chives.

Tochigi Attaka-Nabe Plan 18,000 yen
*1 *2

Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki
TEL: 0288-77-1313

Exceptional spring water and local produce
Kaiseki-ryori (traditional Japanese haute cuisine) made from ingredients such as the prefectural brand Koshihikari rice, yuba (a soybean-based dish), Nasu local chicken, and Nasu Hakubijin leeks.

Tsukimi-tei (traditional Japanese cuisine) Plan 13,800 yen-
*1 *2

Kinugawa Park Hotels
TEL: 0288-77-1289

Yuba steak
Healthy and rich with the delicious flavor of soy beans, this is a dish made from thick pieces of yuba (a soybean-based dish).

Yuba-kaiseki Plan 12,750 yen
*1 *2

Kinugawa Plaza Hotel
TEL: 0288-76-1031

Exclusively using the brand of Koshihikari rice produced in Tochigi Prefecture
Diners can enjoy delicious rice lovingly prepared from carefully selected stocks of Koshihikari rice produced in Tochigi Prefecture.

*2 *3

Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki
TEL: 0288-77-2611

Enjoy "Kirifuri-kogen gyu-shabu" and "shika-sashi"!
Diners can enjoy Kirifuri-kogen beef shabu-shabu and the most popular special dish: slices of raw venison eaten with grated ginger and garlic.

Kirifuri-Kogen Gyu-Shabu and Shika-Sashi Plan
17,475 yen -
*1 *2

Seijaku to Magokoro no Yado Nanaeyae
TEL: 0288-77-2222

Sukinabe with sumi-udon and yuba
Sukinabe made from Nikko-yuba (a soybean-based dish) and noodles made with charcoal, which has excellent detoxifying qualities.

*2 *3

Tabinoyado Marukyo
TEL: 0288-76-0050

Kirifuri-kogen beef with the spectacular scenery of the Kinugawa River
This is a special plan limited to weekdays which offers locally produced Kirifuri-kogen beef served as toban-yaki (cooked on a ceramic plate) or sukiyaki-nabe (thinly sliced and cooked in a Japanese-style hot-pot).

3 Groups in a Day Kinugawa River Scenery Japanese-Style Room Plan
15,900 yen -
*1 *2

Hananoyado Matsuya
TEL: 0288-77-1221

Savor a traditional Japanese meal set made from local ingredients
Tender and juicy Tochigi beef toban-yaki (cooked on a ceramic plate) accompanied by stewed Nikko-yuba (a soybean-based dish).

13,800 yen
*1 *2

Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa
TEL: 0288-77-2727

Offering the mountain delicacy of shika-sashi and local sake
Serving guests with an "evening drink set" of fresh slices of raw venison with local sake included at a reasonable price.

10,500 yen -
*1 *2

Hotel Shirakawa Yunokura
TEL: 0288-76-0020

Tochigi Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Nabe
A Japanese-style hot-pot with thinly sliced Tochigi wagyu beef that has a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Tochigi Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Nabe Plan
13,500 yen -
*1 *2

Hotel Harvest Kinugawa
TEL: 0288-76-0100

Tochigi Wagyu beef shabu-shabu
Diners can enjoy Tochigi wagyu, the prefecture's highest-grade beef, served in shabu-shabu.

Weekdays Only / Tochigi Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Plan
23,000 yen -
*1 *2

TEL: 0288-76-3000

"Shimotsuke-ni", a dish that makes abundant use of locally produced ingredients
A traditional local dish in which locally reared chicken, locally produced vegetables and Nikko-yuba (a soybean-based dish) are boiled together in chitake mushroom soup stock.

9,800 yen
*1 *2

Oyado Tozankaku
TEL: 0288-78-1101

Clear stream! Salt-grilled sweetfish and rustic flavors
Rustic cuisine that only a mountain inn can offer, salt-grilled sweetfish and the simple flavors of edible wild plant delicacies.

Salt-Grilled Sweetfish and Rustic Cuisine Plan
7,150 yen -
*1 *2

TEL: 0288-78-0048

Nasu Kuroge Wagyu beef steak
A luxury plan featuring Nasu Kuroge wagyu beef steak. Be sure to also try the Yashio trout and char sashimi dish.

Nasu Kuroge Wagyu Beef Steak Plan
13,650 yen -
*1 *2

TEL: 0288-78-0119

"Hana Akari" Weekday Group Plan
Offering diners winter flavors such as nabe (a hot-pot dish) made with Utsunomiya gyoza dumplings amongst other dishes, with home-polished, prefecturally produced rice.

Reservations for 8 or more people: 12,750 yen (plan for groups of 8 or more)

Yadoya Denshichi
TEL: 0288-78-1126

Tochigi isn't just about hot springs - let's eat!
Dishes made with skillful culinary techniques from locally produced ingredients can be enjoyed by diners one at a time.

Tochigi Shokusaizen Plan
15,000 yen -
*1 *2

Yukemuri no Sato Kashiwaya
TEL: 0288-78-0002


See here for details of each accommodation

Enjoy the winter outdoors at your leisure during a stay at a hot spring!

Take just one step to find yourself in a real winter wonderland! We present to you experience tours that allow children and adults alike to enjoy the natural winter scenery of Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring to the very fullest.

* Advance requests are necessary for all tours. Tours are subject to change or cancellation depending on the conditions of snowfall etc. Please inquire in advance.

Inquiries NAOC Kinugawa
TEL: 0288-70-1181

Snow trekking in Unryu Valley

Experience the natural winter scenery of the Kinugawa River to the very fullest with a 1-day round trip tour of approx. 7km!

Late January - mid-February
8,000 yen (separate charge of 500 yen as insurance premium)

Oku-Nikko snow-shoe trekking

Enjoy to the very fullest winter in Oku-Nikko, which stands out as a location that allows visitors to find genuine powder snow even in Honshu.

Mid-January - mid-March
7,000 yen (separate charge of 300 yen as insurance premium)

Snow Forest Expedition kid's snow challenge

Children and parents explore the snow forest together with activities such as hunting for animal tracks and building snow bases.

Mid-January - mid-March
Adults 7,000 yen, elementary school children 5,000 yen (separate charge of 300 yen as insurance premium)

Inquiries Nature Planet
TEL: 0288-78-1177

Kinugawa-kogen snow-shoe and snow-shoe with dogs experience (half-day)
Kinugawa-kogen snow-shoe trekking (full day)

A snow-shoe experience tour of Keicyou-kogen near Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring.

Early January - late March
Half day 4,800 yen, full day 7,800 yen

Snow-shoe and airboard

Walk around the immense snow field and slide down the slopes on an airboard.

Early January - late March
8,400 yen

Snow Trekking in Unryu Valley

Marvel at the beautiful shapes molded by the ice as you walk around this approx. 9km course.

January 29 (Sat) - February 13 (Sun)
8,400 yen

Inquiries Tochigi Kayak Center
TEL: 0288-77-2030

Have fun in the snow on the "Yuki" Snow Picnic

Walk around the glittering silver wonderland in snow-shoes and boots!

January 8 - late March
Adults 10,500 yen,children 6,300 yen (including lunch, insurance and snow-shoe rental)
Venue: Mt.Keicyou area
Meeting place: Kinugawa Leisure Park parking lot
Meeting time: 8:30

Snowboarding session at the ski area

Participants can make fast progress thanks to the simple lecture they receive as they descend the slope.

December - March
* in accordance with consultation so please inquire
First time 3,000 yen, 4,000 yen for subsequent times

Free early morning lesson at Edelweiss Snowboard School

Free lessons for beginners are given every morning.

8:00 - 8:50
Insurance premium 300 yen
Inquiries Edelweiss Snowboard School TEL: 0288-78-0786

Experience seasonal strawberry-picking from winter through spring!

Inquiries Nikko Strawberry Park
Address: 3581 Serinuma, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
TEL: 0288-22-0615

Tochigi Prefecture is Japan's leading strawberry producing-region. In particular, the "tochiotome" brand , which was born in Tochigi Prefecture features large grains and an abundance of juice! Sampling this variety reveals a soft flesh, sweetness and juiciness. The strawberry garden near Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring offers the opportunity for visitors to savor "tochiotome" that they have picked themselves. Be sure to enjoy this taste at this time of year.

Mid-December - June (reservations given priority)
10:00 - 16:00 (admission ends at 15:30)
Eat-as-much-as-you-like for 30 mins: adults 1,700 yen, children 1,200 yen (December - March 31)
Closed : Tuesdays (open on national holidays)
* Advance reservations are necessary for groups of 20 or more