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Summer's Here! Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring 3 Main Events of Summer

Here are some events highlighting the summer in Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring. In particular, do not miss the "43rd Ryuou Festival", an annual event held at the end of July as a main summer event in Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring! The festival begins with dynamic Shinto ritual Ryuou drums at Goryuo-jinja Shrine in the Ryuou Valley. In Kinugawa Hot Spring, various portable "mikoshi" shrines including "Mando Mikoshi" are paraded around while a wide variety of events such as bingo are held in Kawaji Hot Spring.

Entering August, the "Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring Summer Festival" is held. Everyone enjoys dancing "Bon odori" in the spa town amidst the fireworks and nightscape of the spa town. There is also the "Kinugawa Hot Spring Fureaibashi Bridge Beer Garden" where you can enjoy beer on the bridge while cooling yourself off in the breeze from the river. Don't miss these events on your trip to Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring this summer!

43rd Ryuou Festival
The Ryuou Festival that opens with Goryu in the Ryuou Valley is filled with various events including portable "mikoshi" shrines and on-stage performances in the Kinugawa-Kawaji spa town!
Shrine ritual (Ryuou Valley): July 22
Kinugawa Hot Spring: July 22 and July 23
Kawaji Hot Spring: July 23 and July 24
Venue: Kinugawa Hot Spring, Kawaji Hot Spring, Ryuou Valley

Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring Summer Festival
Enjoy "bon odori" dancing at Kinugawa-Kawaji in the cool breeze of the valley amidst fireworks and nightscapes of the spa town. There are free soft drinks, and a lottery event is held as well in Kawaji Hot Spring.
Kinugawa Hot Spring: August 13 and August 14
Kawaji Hot Spring: August 14 and August 15
Venue: Kinugawa(Yunomachi Park)
Kawaji(Kawaji Fureai Park)

Kinugawa Hot Spring Fureaibashi Bridge Beer Garden
Enjoying beer on the bridge in the summer night of the spa town in the river breeze is truly a memorable occasion. A fair for children and various events will be held and soft drinks are also available.
Beginning to the end of August
Venue: On Kinugawa Hot Spring Fureaibashi Bridge


* Kinugawa/Kawaji-onsen Tourist Association Tel: 0288-77-2052
* Changes may be made to the details and prices etc. displayed here. Please check before departing.

Cool and Relaxing Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring Summer Water Activity Guide

The summer in Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring is filled with many enjoyable activities! The hot spring resorts are great for enjoying the relaxing breeze from the river. Why not try out a water activity that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone from children to adults such as a leisurely canoe ride down the river or experiencing nature by canyoning?


InquiriesKinugawa River Boat Tour

Kinugawa River Boat Tour

Riding down the mountain stream along the beautiful valley of Kinugawa River, a blessing from the nature, is the most popular activity. Be sure to enjoy this famous Kinugawa tourist activity.

Until the end of November
9:00, 9:35, 10:10, 10:45, 11:20, 11:55, 12:50, 13:25, 14:00、14:35, 15:10, 15:45
Adults: 2,500yen, Children: 1,100yen (Group discount available)

InquiriesNAOC TEL: 0288-70-1181
e.Rafting TEL: 0288-77-4802


Enter the crystal clear water of the melting mountain snow! With waterfall pools and water sliders, you cannot stop laughing and being impressed. This tour is so enjoyable even small children can participate.

June 1 to the end of September (reservations necessary)

InquiriesTochigi Kayak Center

Kinugawa River Canoe Picnic

Kayaks are highly stable, meaning that even first-timers can ride safely and easily. Enjoy a relaxing hot spring after canoeing.

Until the end of November (reservations necessary)
Twice daily in the morning/afternoon
Adults: 7,500yen, Children: 6,000yen (Including hot spring)

InquiriesNature Planet

Yumama ni Canadian Canoeing in Kawaji

In the slow wide river current area where the Kinugawa and Ojikagawa rivers merge, enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings as seen from the river surface! Canoeing with a guide is safe and can be enjoyed by the entire family including children.

August 1 to August 27
Adults: 3,000yen, Children: 2,000yen
(1,000yen discount for participants staying in Kawaji Hot Spring.)

Tourist Association

Grab the Fish You Can

From children to adults, the entire family can enjoy this popular event which involves catching fish by hand and fishing, etc. Fish cooked in shio-yaki (grilled in salt) along the mountain stream beneath the mountains tastes especially good.

July 25 to August 25
(The event may be cancelled depending on the weather)
Grab the Fish You Can in Obarasawa (Kinugawa Hot Spring)

Kinugawa Hot Spring Obarasawa running through Kinugawa park

Participants staying in member accommodations of the Kinugawa Hot Spring Ryokan Association: 700yen per person, Other participants: 1,000yen per person
Venue: Kinugawa Hot Spring Obarasawa
Grab the Fish You Can in Kawaji (Kawaji Hot Spring)

Mountain stream of the Ojikagawa River running through the Kawaji spa town

Participants staying in Kawaji Hot Spring: 200yen per person, Other adult participants: 1,000yen, Other child participants: 800yen (Free admission to Yakushino-yu Hot Spring)
Venue:River beds of the Ojikagawa River in Kawaji Hot Spring

Inquiriese.Rafting TEL:0288-77-4802
NAOC TEL:0288-70-1181
Tochigi Kayak Center


Rafting is an outdoor sport where you travel down Kinugawa River and its various rapids and slow eddies in a rubber boat. Equipment is available for rent and even beginners can enjoy this sport.

Until the end of November
(reservations necessary)
Adults: 7,500yen, Children: 6,000yen
(500yen for insurance required separately)

*Please confirm the contents of activities and prices published prior to your visit since they are subject to change.

Recommended for Summer! Original Desserts Selection

There are many original Kinugawa-Kawaji Hot Spring desserts! Starting with the hand made specialties of the Inn, try the refreshing ice cream and ice shaving made from local ingredients, etc. while strolling through the spa town.

Shaved ice made from Nikko's natural water
Sweet flavor from the original strawberry jam syrup using the local "Tochiotome" specialty strawberries of Tochigi and gentle taste of ice made from the natural water.


Nikko Robatazuke Kinugawa Store
Time:8:00-17:00 (7/16-8/31)
Arum root mitsumame (traditional Japanese fruit cocktail)/Ice green tea macchiato
Safe and healthy original dessert using carefully selected ingredients and refreshing dessert drink using a slightly bitter green tea syrup.

(Last Order14:00)
Closed:Rotating days off
Begonia ice cream
Light pink ice cream in the image of a begonia. Enjoy the delicate scent and taste of the flower.


Nikko Hana Ichi Monme eat-in corner
Time: 9:00-17:00
(Admission until 16:30)
Nama yokan
(sweet azuki bean paste jelly)
Limited quantity hand-made mizu yokan (sweet azuki bean paste jelly). Azuki bean, green tea, and strawberry flavors are available. Since it is mildly sweet, it has no aftertaste.

Small:630yen, Large:1,050yen

Morinaga Main Store
Time: 8:30-19:30
Closed:Rotating days off
Onsen-manju parfait
Enjoy the excellent combination of onsen-manju (local hot spring sweet dumplings) and ice cream in Marukyoo's original parfait. The combination with fresh cream is great as well.


Lobby in the Hotel Marukyoo
Time: Please contact the hotel in advance.

Raw dora yaki
(red bean pancake)
Cold red bean pancakes with fresh cream and sweet red bean paste in the special pancake. Sold individually.


Confectionary Castle Kinugawa
(Kinugawa Dessert City)

Time: 8:00-17:00
Closed:Open year round
Shaved ice made from Nikko's natural water

There are various flavors including strawberry and mango. Citrus using local Tochigi citrus is particularly recommended.

Sphinx area, etc. inside the Tobu World Square
Time: 9:30-17:00
(Admission until 16:00)
Closed:Open year round

Tochiotome strawberry ice cream

Ice cream made from the sweet "Tochiotome" strawberry, the strawberry brand of Nishikata-town in Tochigi.

Guriru Asaya
Closed: Rotating days off

Taiwanese shaved ice dessert

Characterized by a soft and unique finish. This Asian dessert was born in Taiwan in the image of a heavenly maiden robe.

Store A in Nikko Saru-gundan (Monkey Entertainers)
Time: 9:15-15:00
Closed: Thursdays
Welcome service with hand made desserts/complimentary morning coffee and our own carefully-made dessert

How about trying one of our complimentary hand-made desserts and tea for relaxing after your arrival. Enjoy our own carefully-made dessert after breakfast as well.
Prices:Free of charge (These services are only available for visitors staying in the accommodation)

Yukemuri Magokoro no Yado ISSHINKAN lobby lounge
Time:Hand-made dessert welcome service: 15:00-18:00, Complimentary morning coffee and carefully-made dessert: After breakfast to 10:00
Loquat jelly/lemon milk pudding

Loquat jelly containing a whole loquat in refreshing citrus jelly and limited-edition summer lemon milk pudding using Tochigi's lemon milk .

Dinner buffet in the Hotel Mikazuki
Time:Please contact the hotel in advance. (These menu items are available in the summer season only from July.)