Basic Information

What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko

Weather and Temperature

Downtown Nikko

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Highest Temperature (°C) 5.8 6.3 9.9 15.8 20.1 22.7 26.1 27.7 23.7 18.4 13.4 8.5
Lowest Temperature (°C) -4.2 -3.8 -1 4.4 9.9 14.5 18.4 19.5 15.7 9.4 3.2 -1.6
Amount of Rainfall (mm) 43.5 48.4 100.7 140.9 164.1 203.7 275.2 313.4 280 185.4 90.7 39.6

Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Highest Temperature (°C) 2.8 3.5 7.4 14.3 19 21.7 25.2 26.6 22.1 16.6 11.6 6
Lowest Temperature (°C) -6.1 -5.9 -2.4 2.8 7.9 13 17.3 18.4 14.2 7.4 1.2 -3.1
Amount of Rainfall (mm) 61.7 55.2 86.9 110.9 126.9 156.3 219.8 254.2 246.9 144.8 78.6 53.8


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Highest Temperature (°C) -0.4 0 3.6 10 14.8 17.7 21.6 22.6 18.6 13.2 8.2 2.9
Lowest Temperature (°C) -8.1 -8.1 -5.1 0.1 5.1 10.1 14.4 15.3 11.6 5.1 -0.2 -5
Amount of Rainfall (mm) 52.3 58.8 109.4 157.8 174.6 220.9 277 394.2 363.2 201.8 107.6 51.4

Recommended Outfits

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (Spring to November): Because it gets cold in mornings and nights, a jacket is necessary. In Okunikko, as the temperature sometimes remains low even in daytime, it is recommended to wear or carry a thick jacket.
Summer (June to August): When visiting to Okunikko, something to put on over the shirt is necessary.
Winter (December to February): Because it gets extremely cold in winter, an overcoat against cold is necessary. It is recommended to wear shoes with grippy soles to avoid injuries due to snow or freezing on the road surface.

Money Exchange and Credit Cards

Money Exchange

You can exchange foreign currency in the following banks and post office:

ATMs and CDs

ATMs and CDs allowing travelers from overseas countries to draw Japanese yen are placed in banks, post offices and convenience stores (Seven-Eleven franchisees).

Credit Cards

Most of the accommodation facilities accept credit cards, but the number of the restaurants and souvenir shops that accept credit cards are limited.

Search the accommodation facilities that accept credit cards

Left Baggage Services

Coin-Operated Locker

Coin-operated lockers are available to leave your baggage temporally. Place your baggage in a coin-operated locker with a key attached, and insert coins to pay the designated fare (make sure to use 100 yen coins). Then, close the door, and turn the key to lock. Coin-operated lockers are generally 20 to 40cm wide and approx. 57cm deep. Most of them charges 300yen per day. The larger the size of the coin-operated locker is, the higher the fare is.
Coin-operated lockers are available at the following places.

Rakuraku Tebura Bin (Baggage Dispatch) Service

If the tourist is staying at some hotels located in Nikko, Kinugawa and Kawaji Hot Spring areas, you can use this service to dispatch your baggage from the following tourist information centers to your hotel at 500 yen. (Please take note that acceptance of baggage is closed at 12:00 of the same day, and is started to dispatch from about 16:00).

Emergency Contacts

Hospitals that can Accept Patients who Speak Foreign Languages


Search Medical institutions

Dial 119 (Fire Station)

When you are so sick or seriously injured that you cannot go to hospital by yourself, or you see fire, dial this emergency call.

Dial 110 (Police Station)

Dial this number when you are involved in or see any trouble or accident.