Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should not Miss in the City of Nikko


1.What is the best period for viewing cheery blossom?

Nikko: late April
Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring: early April - mid-April
Okunikko: early May - mid-May
Yunishigawa, Kawamata and Okukinu Hot Spring: late April - early May
Imaichi: early April - mid-April
Ashio: mid-April - early May

2.What is the best period for viewing flowers?

Azalea: End of May to Beginning of June (Across the City of Nikko)
Cherry: Beginning of April to Middle of May (Across the City of Nikko)
Japanese Primrose: Middle of June (Okunikko)
Nikko Day Lily: Beginning to Middle of July (Nikko)
Colored Autumn Leaves: End of September to End of November (Across the City of Nikko)

3.What is the best period for viewing colored autumn leaves?

Nikko: early November - mid-November
Kinugawa - Kawaji hot spring: mid-October - late November
Okunikko: early October - late October
Yunishigawa, Kawamata and Okukinu Hot Spring: late September - early November
Imaichi: late October - early November
Ashio: mid-October - late November

4.Can I participate in events?

Yes, you can. You can participate in or see the most of the events provided in this website. For detailed information, please check the information of each event.


5.Is there any campsite that I can use?

Many campsites are available for you, such as Kinugawa Onsen Auto Campsite, Nikko Daiyagawakoen Auto Campsite and New Kirifuri Campsites.


1.Can I stay at a hotel or ryokan without reservation? Can I search for accommodation facilities in the area?

It is strongly recommend to make reservation in advance. You can search accommodation facilities on the following site.

Accommodation Search

Hot Spring

1.Can you tell me how to take hot spring bath?

In order that everyone can enjoy hot springs, we provide basic etiquettes before, during and after taking bath in the following site.

Japanese hot spring bathing etiquette

2.Are there any hot spring facilities where mixed bathing is allowed?

Guests at a ryokan or hotel can use the “chartered bath” service that allows them to charter a bath room for a certain period of time.

Search for the accommodation facilities that provide the chartered bath service


1.Are there any restaurants in the area except accommodation facilities?

There are restaurants in the areas near the Nikko Station and Tobu-Nikko Station, World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko, and other major stations and sightseeing spots. However, because some restaurants are closed in nighttime, make sure to check whether the restaurant is open or not in advance.

Traffic Access

1.Can you tell me how to get to Nikko from Tokyo?

You can get to Nikko from Tokyo in about two hours by train. For detailed information, please see the following website.

Access from the Tokyo Area

2.Can you tell me how to get to Kinugawa from Nikko?

You can use trains or busses to go to Kinugawa from Nikko. For detailed information, please see the following website.

Transportation in the City of Nikko

3.How much is the bus fare?

The bus fare differs depending on the route you use. The following website provides the fares of the major routes

Main Transportation Methods in the Nikko City

4.Can you tell me how to get to Nagano, Fukushima, Gunma or Mt. Fuji from Nikko?

If you have a car, you can get to any of those places in a convenient manner. If you use trains, please refer to the following website.

Means of access to Nikko City

Money Exchange and Credit Cards

1.Where can I exchange currency?

You can exchange currency at the following banks and post office.

2.Where can I use ATMs?

ATMs and CDs allowing travelers from overseas countries to draw Japanese yen are placed in banks, post offices and convenience stores (Seven-Eleven franchisees).

3.Are there any facilities that accept China Union Pay Cards?

Some hotels accepts China Union Pay Cards.

Search for the facilities that accept China Union Pay Cards

Service for Tourists

1.Where are coin-operated lockers available?

Coin-operated lockers are located at some major stations.

2.Where can I use Wi-Fi?

You can use “Nikko City Wi-Fi,” a Wireless LAN service provided for tourists.

Nikko City Wi-Fi

3.Where are convenience stores located?

Convenience stores are located at the places near the stations and along the national roads in Nikko, Kinugawa Hot Spring and Imaichi areas.

4.Are there any facilities that provide the foods and service for Muslims?

There are no facilities that can serve perfect Halal meals, but some accommodation facilities can serve Muslim-friendly meals or meals that contain no pork, upon request by guests.
In addition, there are some facilities that can provide the services for Muslims, such as provision of space for prayer.

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