Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen
Yunishigawa, Kawamata and Oku-Kinu Onsen

For tourists from other countries, the resort offers many valuable benefits: for example, ryokans (Japanese inns) in the resort offer opportunities to take the onsen bath at no charge and relish Japanese dishes served in the New Year’s Day, while popular theme parks hold free-admission events. In addition, visitors can receive discount benefits for admission to sightseeing facilities in the Nikko-Kinugawa Onsen, as well as free bus coupon to sightseeing spots and lodging facilities in the Kinugawa area.

  • Term January 23 (Thu) - February 23 (Sun), 2020
  • Price Free Admission to popular theme parks!
    EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura: January 24 (Fri), 26 (Sun), 2020
    Tobu World Square: January 25 (Sat), 27 (Mon), 2020
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    Nikko City Tourism Association