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Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

A cultural park that visitors can feel and experience the culture of the Edo period. The old architectures and towns including the village of ninja and samurai residences are recreated with reality, making the visitors feel that they have traveled back to the Edo period. You should not miss the thrilling ninja show and the elegant oiran show. Wear the outfits of ninja, samurai or princess, and enjoy interaction with the people of the Edo period.

Tobu World Square

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

In this theme park, more than 100 world’s famous structures and monuments including 45 World Heritages represented the Sphinx and the Great Wall of China are reproduced at a 1:25 scale, allowing the viewers to feel that they have travelled around the world. Feel the craftsmanship in each delicately sculptured work created one by one by man’s hands. In addition, make sure not to miss more than 20,000 real trees and plants that decorate each season.

Trick Art Pia

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

This space exhibits the amazing arts that utilize optical illusion. Visitor can appreciate and touch the world famous paintings and scriptures that hide tricks to cheat viewers.

Grand Maze Palladium

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

A large-scale maze that spreads over 3,500 square meters. Try the monster maze and feel worry and fun! This sport of brain allows not only children, but also adults to enjoy innocently.

Nikko Saru Gundan (Monkey Army) Theater

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

In the theater, you can see the modern-style monkey show that was evolved from a traditional street performance in Japan. You should not miss extremely funny sketches and plays performed by well-trained monkeys.

Kanaya Hotel History House


An architecture that was called samurai yashiki (samurai’s mansion) in the Edo period is restored as an architectural heritage to retain the style of samurai residence. This architecture is registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

Nikko Woodcarving Village Craft Centre


In this facilities, visitors can experience of creating Nikkobori (Nikko carving), and Nikko geta (wooden clogs),, which are traditional handicrafts of Nikko. With the guidance of experts, you can create your own works in about 90 minutes.

Michinoeki-Nikko Nikko-Kaido Nikonikohonjin


In this facility, tourists can get information about the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko and the Kinugawa Onsen resort, and buy the products produced in the area. Free-of-charge wireless LAN connection is available to tourists from other countries.

Ashio Copper Mine Sightseeing


In the facilities, you can learn the history of Ashio Copper Mine (dozan), that was once called as the No.1 copper mine capital of Japan. Get on the trolley train and explore the 700m tunnel.

Heike Village

Yunishigawa, Kawamata and Oku-Kinu Onsen

It is said that fleeing Heike warriors who had been defeated in the Genpei War inhabited in Yunishigawa Onsen about 800 years ago. In the folk village encompassing the thatched-roof house where the life of the fleeting Heike warriors is recreated, you can learn the history. Rice cakes and wood works for souvenirs are sold here.

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