Areas with Attractive Nature



Located at the far side of the Iroha-zaka Slope, Oku-Nikko is the place where visitors can enjoy various scenic spots representing the Nikko National Park, from Senjogahara, Yugawa and Odashirogahara registered under the Ramsar Convention, to the Kegon Falls, one of the best three falls in Japan, the Chuzenji Lake and Mt. Nantaisan. Between early summer to early autumn, pretty flowers of cotton grasses and Nikko azami (thistles), decorate the mountain sides, and in the middle of autumn, colored leaves on the mountains, along with colored grasses, entertain visitors. This area also has a lot of hiking courses to allow visitors to feel rich nature.



Located at about 1,200m evaluation on the north side of the down town of Nikko, the Kirifurikogen Highlands is a plateau area lying on the slop of Mt. Akanagisan. Between the end of June and middle of July, the community of about 260,000 root stocks of Nikko day lilies come into full bloom, decorating the hiking courses with the contrast of yellow and green colors and allowing the visitor to enjoy walking in an easy manner. In addition to the nearby sightseeing spots such as the area that colorful followers of azalea can be seen in springs and the Kirifurinotaki Falls consisting of the upper fall and lower fall, this resort area also have ski slopes, campsites and facilities for sports and leisure.

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

The picturesque scenery of the Kinugawa River that runs through the spa region from north to south is symbolized by the Ryuou Valley, known as the spa town‘s greatest ravine. You are sure to feel refreshed and invigorated just by walking along the path that runs alongside the ravine, admiring the beautiful contrast of the emerald green water against the natural landscape of intermingling boulders of richly varied shapes and sizes, carved out by nature over the centuries. Why not enjoy nature in all its beauty with a relaxing stroll, accompanied by the murmuring of the river and the twittering of the birds.

Nikko National Park

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen
Yunishigawa, Kawamata and Oku-Kinu Onsen

The Nikko National Park is one of the first National Parks of Japan and is located on the mountainous region of the Nasu volcanic zone. In this National Park, mountains such as Mt. Shiranesan, the highest mountain in the areas from the Kanto region and to the north, and Mt. Nantaisan, the sacred object of the Futaarasanjinja shrine in Nikko, line up, and many alpine plants and wild animals inhabit.

Four Seasons in the City of Nikko


Cherries in Nikko usually come into full boom in the middle of April. During this period, the whole city is covered with light pink flowers of cherry trees including those lining up in the city and those that has been there for some hundred years.

Cherry Trees Decorating the Gates of the World-Heritage Shrines and Temples in Nikko (Middle of April),

Azaleas of Kirifurikogen Highlands (Middle to End of May),


The city of Nikko has attracted many people as a place for summer retreat. Visitors can enjoy the water play on the Kinugawa River that has one of the most beautiful valley in Japan, as well as hiking to well-known mountains.

Cotton-Sedge and Meadow Sweet on Senjogahara (Middle of June to Beginning of August),

Nikko Yellow Daylily on Kirifurikogen Highlands (End of June to Middle of July),


Autumn is known as the best season to visit the city of Nikko. In August and November, visitors can view and enjoy beautiful flaming-red autumn leaves created by extreme temperature difference between daytime and nighttime.

Autumn Leave Viewing on the lake side of the Chuzenji Lake (Middle of October to Beginning of November),

Autumn Leave Viewing at Ryuou Valley (End of October to End of November),


When soft powder snow covers the mountain area, you can fully enjoy skiing and other snow plays.

Ski and Snow Plays Both Kids and Adult can Enjoy

Fantastic Illumination of Kamakura (Snow Huts),